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We’re very excited today to announce the launch of Beta.MN and the upcoming Beta.MN 1.0 event on January 30th.

You may be asking yourself, “what the hell is Beta.MN?”  Good question!  The event premise derives from a very successful Boulder Beta event that Ryan participated in while living in Boulder, CO.  After brainstorming the idea with his friends Reed Robinson and Justin Cox, they decided to create a similar event to showcase MN tech startups in an informal, one-on-one, beer induced setting.

Each startup receives a small table that you can do whatever they want with it while attendees can mingle and then receive one-on-one demos of your product or service. Think pints and pitches, not powerpoints.

The inaugural Beta.MN 1.0 event is going to be great.  We’ve already have over 12 startups committed and have some amazing sponsor companies that will also be in attendance.  Did we mention beer?  Yep, we’ll have that too with plenty of amazing Day Block Brewing beer and good music flowing throughout the evening.  Finally, each attendee will be “forced” to interact with the startups and votes will be cast at the end of the night for the best startup in the group.

So if your a tech enthusiast, developer, entrepreneur, investor, student, friend or anyone who likes good, free beer make sure to get your tickets for the Beta.MN 1.0 event.  It should be beneficial and fun time for everyone.




Posted on January 6, 2014 in General, Midwest

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