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At Confluence, we are trying to differentiate ourselves from the traditional forms of venture capital and put ourselves out front-and-center with the masses.  Gone are the days of the “you’ll know me if you need to know me” or the “let’s chat at the country club” style investing.  Instead, we pride ourselves in being accessible and providing assistance in more ways then just investing (see

To enhance accessibility, we are excited to announce Confluence Open Hours.  Taking a page from Brad Feld’s Random Days, these bi-monthly, every-other-Thursday morning time slots will be open for Ryan to meet with anyone to talk about just about anything in the Twin Cities startup community.  What are you up to? How can we help? We’d love to know more.

The first Confluence Open Hours will be held on March 6th between 9-11am at the Freight House Dunn Bros (MAP) in downtown MPLS.  Each session will be 15 mins with a possible 15 min overrun.  This will help keep discussion moving while allowing for some extra chatting without having to bump up into the next slot.  The plan is to rotate between MPLS and St. Paul for the hours but we’ll see how everything plays out.

To sign up for the March 6th Confluence Open Hours, see:

For announcements on future Open Hours, please make sure to follow our Twitter @ConfluenceCap feed.

Talk soon.

Posted on February 25, 2014 in Fun, General

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