Fuel to the Fire


The relationship between an entrepreneur and an investor is always….interesting.  Some investors prefer to be very hands, require weekly reports, and provide advice at every moment.  Quite frankly, some entrepreneurs need this too.  Other investors provide input as needed and others are completely silent until payday or liquidation.  To each their own.

At Confluence, we like to say that we can provide fuel to the fire, but there must be a fire to begin with.  The entrepreneur is the one who provided the spark for the fire to begin by creating the technology, knowing the market, establishing vendors, and, most importantly, intimately knowing the customer.  Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand and respect that.  Want to hold weekly weekly meetings?  Sure.  Do we require this?  Absolutely not.  Confluence simply provides the fuel for the startup to blow up.

Alright, enough with the fire analogies. It’s getting hot in here.

Posted on October 24, 2013 in General

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