Why Confluence? Having just moved back to my motherland of the Twin Cities from the Boulder area, I was struck by how many amazing entrepreneurs had startups in my new back yard. With Midwest gusto, these entrepreneurs were working incredibly hard, were crazy creative, and were creating some serious value.

At the various events/meetups/happy hours I attended, however, there was one common complaint by entrepreneurs.  It went like this: “Midwest investors are too damn conservative.”  Or, “You better start making trips to San Fran if you want to grow your business.”  This just wasn’t a complaint here or there, it was the topic of entire events!  It was the scarlet letter of the midwest startup scene.

I couldn’t take it. My Midwest pride began to come through and I set out to change this.

Enter Confluence. We are an early stage investment company who plans to be the partner that every entrepreneur has been dreaming for in the Midwest.  Based in the Twin Cities, Confluence invests in entrepreneurs. Period. We bring a Boulder-esque investment approach that is desperately needed in the midwest.  No suits & ties. No chest puffing. Just honest seed and early-stage investments in awesome entrepreneurs.

No Passive, All Aggressive.

Midwest #Represent

– Ryan

Posted on September 18, 2013 in General, Midwest

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