Our Investment in At Scene

We recently led a seed round investment in At Scene and cannot be more excited to have them be a part of our portfolio.  Located in our home state of Minnesota, At Scene is revolutionizing the way police departments gather and store evidence across the country.

At Scene was created by cops, for cops.  While working as a Sergeant for Metro Transit Police Department in the Twin Cities, CEO Mario Galasso recognized the current method of evidence gathering via a trunk full of digital cameras, video cameras, voice recorders, notebooks, and fingerprint scanners was burdensome and archaic.  Not to mention the wasteful time spent back at the precinct uploading and downloading the files for reporting.  Furthermore, fellow cops were already illegally using a mash-up of different mobile apps to help in the process, but nothing that was uniform, compliant, and encoded.

At Scene’s no-brainer solution is the iCrimeFighter Enterprise app.  This enterprise level app is unlocking the tremendous power our mobile devices have for gathering evidence.  Replacing the trunk full of devices mentioned above, the iCrimeFighter app gathers evidence via a smart phone or tablet. It then encrypts data and pushes it directly to a secure cloud environment.  Once in the cloud the evidence is easily accessible by the officer once back at his desk at icrimefighter.com.  This app will literally save thousands of wasted evidence gathering hours that will allow officers to get back on the streets to save lives and be heroes.

“Confluence invests in heroes.”  We like the sound of that!

Ryan found out about At Scene via its CMO, Kavi Turnbull.  As former Carlson classmates, Ryan and Kavi have been close friends ever since.  Over a round of beers recently, Kavi mentioned his offer to join the At Scene team and after hearing about the company, its story, and market opportunity, Ryan whole-heartedly encouraged the move.  When it came time to raise capital, Confluence was eager to lead.

Welcome Mario, Jeremy, Gangadhar, and Kavi to the Confluence Crew!

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Posted on October 1, 2013 in Companies, Midwest

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