Our Investment in BoomBoom Prints

If you have children or have friends/family who have children, you know how picky parents can be for items relating to their children. Each child is unique and no parent wants their kids to be wearing the same clothes, same brands, or even same styles as their friends. Mom’s spend hours online searching Pinterest, Etsy, etc looking for unique, functional items for their families – to the tune of $2.1 trillion last year.

On another front, graphic design artists face the problem of monetizing their artwork. Their options are limited as is their time for actually fulfilling orders for customers. Make a sale online via Etsy? Great! Except now the artist must actually produce the art and ship it. Not fun. Artists want to create art…not market, print, and ship their art.

We are excited to announce our latest investment in BoomBoom Prints alongside the Foundry Group to help bridge this gap between artists and moms. BoomBoom Prints provides a social commerce marketplace for artists to sell their designs on products for moms and families. Moms can discover unique designs on products they love and use and easily share with friends. Alternatively, artists have a distribution channel to reach their targeted market without the hassles of order fulfillment or customer service. We love this win/win relationship between BoomBoom Prints’ two customer sets.

BoomBoom Prints was actually founded by Ryan back in Boulder, CO in 2012. After leading the company through its Minimal Viable Product and self-funding to date, Brett Brohl joined the team to lead the BoomBoom Prints team through its latest iteration and growth. Brett comes with some serious startup chops after previously founding, managing, and successfully exiting from his first online commerce startup. Ryan will continue to advise and serve one its board of directors.

This investment is exciting in many different ways. This is our first marketplace investment, Ryan’s personal involvement in the company, and it is also our first co-investment with the Foundry Group in Boulder, CO. Via their FG Angels AngelList Syndicate, Seth and the entire Foundry Group team has been incredible to work with.

Welcome Brett, Sam, & Eva to the Confluence Crew!

Posted on September 25, 2014 in Companies, Midwest

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