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It’s not uncommon for sales reps to schedule 6, 8, or even 10 meetings/calls a day.  With this many events taking place, it’s nearly impossible to appropriately prepare for these calls so that you don’t seem aloof to who you are talking with.  This preparation could easily be the difference between closing a sale or losing a sale.

Enter Charlie – the tool that helps you crush your next meeting! Needing only an email address or access to your Google calendar, Charlie compiles data from over 100,000 including social media sites, company sites, and company reports.  It then uses Charlie’s algorithms to package this into a useful report that is delivered an hour before your meeting –  letting you know that the executive you are meeting with today at 10am works for ABC Company, had a recent acquisition, has mutual contacts, and is a huge Minnesota Twins fan.  Valuable info for any conversation.

We love this sales enablement proposition and that’s why we are excited to announce our recent investment in Charlie.   Charlie is our first Chicago investment and was founded by Aaron Frazin.  Having started at the amazing 1871 in Chicago, Aaron has since moved on and assembled an impressive team that continues to crank out useful product features for customers.

Ryan met Aaron on a cold, snowy day in Chicago.  Aaron actually used Charlie to research Ryan’s background prior to the meeting and found some impressive commonalities.  Seeing the value first hand, Ryan was quickly sold on the team and concept.

We are also excited to be co-investing alongside Lightbank, Hyde Park Venture Partners, Patrick Spain (the founder and CEO of Hoovers), and Lon Chow and Armando Pauker of Apex Venture Partners.

Welcome Aaron and the whole Charlie team to the Confluence Crew!

PS – looking for an invite to the service? Let us know by emailing us at hello@confluencecapitalpartners.com

Posted on October 29, 2014 in Companies, Midwest

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