Our Investment in GridCraft

We are excited to announce that we’ve participated in a $1.2 M seed round for GridCraft led by David Cohen and Bullet Time Ventures.  Based in the Boulder, CO, GridCraft empowers business users to aggregate, analyze and visualize their data so they can make better decisions. 

GridCraft was founded by Lisa Reeves (CEO), Terry Olkin (CTO), and Sayan Chakraborty (COO).  This team has some serious chops when it comes to experience having worked many years at Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft.

GridCraft’s spreadsheet based analytics platform easily allows you to collaborate with co-workers in never before seen ways and allows for drag and drop real time data connectors.  Drag & drop data source connectors let users easily pull live data into a spreadsheet from third party data sources such as SalesForce, Google Analytics, or Yahoo Finance to create live reports and dashboards that update automatically. In addition to hundreds of data analysis functions, GridCraft’s own formula language lets non-technical users write their own custom functions. A chart wizard provides quick data visualization, and charts update dynamically as data changes.This opens the door to power data analytics in a spreadsheet platform that is most commonly used by businesses.

This platform is just plain cool and incredibly intuitive.  Data crunching is no longer just for the data scientists PhDs.  GridCraft allows almost anyone in an organization the ability to find trends in data, make intuitive dashboards, and collaborate with co-workers.

The GridCraft team has been working on this product for well over a year now and have been self-funded to date.  The team was introduced to Ryan via a Colorado connection and he was impressed with the team and their product from the very beginning.  It became clear after a couple of demos and meetings that this team had some serious talent and was onto something huge.

We are excited to be making our first Boulder investment and our first co-investment with Bullet Time Ventures (David Cohen + TechStars).  We hope to continue working in the Boulder market as it has proven itself time again as a startup community that others should strive for.

Welcome Lisa, Terry, and Sayan to the Confluence Crew!

Posted on August 6, 2014 in Boulder, Companies

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