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It’s no secret that a team’s success can be highly attributed to the effectiveness of the coaching staff.  Coaching effectiveness is usually measured by wins and losses, but can this be analyzed further?  Say down to the effectiveness of a practice drill?  Turnover in the coaching ranks is very high and because of that, coaches are continually looking for ways to get a leg up on the competition.  This is where Lockr will dominate.

We are excited today to announce our co-investment with Dundee Venture Capital in Lockr.  Lockr was created by coaches, for coaches (still a trend).  While playing in the NFL and coaching at the college ranks, Raymonn Adams noticed that the way coaches managed practice workflow and measured a coaches effectiveness was antiquated or simply non-existent.  Scattered hard-copy manuals, playbooks, and drills were still being used to manage practice workflow and no data was ever available to pinpoint a drill’s effectiveness.  So Raymonn developed Lockr as a digital coaching platform that provides an online home to organize and archive coaching materials, manage practice workflow, and provide a means to measure coaching effectiveness.

Too many fumbles last season?  Lockr will tell you the percentage of practice time spent on ball handling and track that to the in-game results.  This key connection is a clear competitive advantage for coaching staff.

In addition, Lockr is meant to be a social platform to connect coaches across the country.   Practice drills and plays can be easily shared on the platform. For individual coaches, Lockr provides a means to connect and promote their skills – potentially helping them climb the coaching ladder.

We made this investment based on a clear market need, a driven and experienced entrepreneur, and the “writing is on the wall” qualifier.  The coaching industry is in need of a technological breakthrough.  Budgets for coaching staffs continue to balloon and every team is looking for a distinct competitive advantage.  It is not far off to think that coaches will continue to highly integrate technology into their practices and game plans.  Lockr is well positioned to take advantage of this transition.

We are very excited to be co-investing alongside Dundee Venture Capital. Ryan met Raymonn on a recommendation from Dundee and after two phone calls it was clear that Lockr was a good fit for Confluence and the deal was quickly closed.

Welcome Raymonn and the Lockr team to the Confluence Crew!

Posted on December 17, 2013 in Companies, Midwest

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