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This year I will attending and presenting at my first MinneBar event.  I am very excited as I have attended many other “un-conferences” while in Boulder and really appreciate events where the entrepreneurs and the community decide what actually happens.

Patrick Meenan from Arthur Ventures and I will presenting on the “Transparent VC“.  You might be thinking, “What does that mean?”.  No, this will not be Patrick and I presenting nude on stage…we don’t want to torture you with that.

Patrick and I thought it would be helpful to have an open and honest conversation about venture capital and startup communities in the upper midwest.  This session is not meant to be a sermon or a pitch slam.  Instead, we’ll provide some honest observations into what seems to be working for Twin Cities startups for fundraising, ways VCs can collaborate with entrepreneurs in more ways then funding, and some tales from the fundraising trail.  We will leave plenty of time for Q&A and we won’t hold back anything.  Seriously.  Give us your best shot!  We’ll probably have some questions for you as well.

I highly encourage you to attend the MinneBar event.  The Minnestar gang always puts on a great show and I have no doubt they will come through again.  Additionally, if you’re interested in attending our Transparent VC session you can sign up for the session here: Transparent VC – MinneBar

Talk soon,

– Ryan Broshar

Posted on March 31, 2014 in Conferences, Midwest

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