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Matchstick Ventures' specific commitments to fight racism, injustice, and underrepresentation in our firm, portfolio and community
Update - June 2021


We’re Hiring a Head of Network!

We are hiring for a Head of Network who will be responsible for organizing, promoting, and facilitating connectivity within our network — including founders, mentors, investors, talent and other members of our ecosystems. This relationship-driven role will create more dynamic networks and programs at Matchstick to enhance our ability to learn from and connect with each other. This role requires defining the network strategy, forming meaningful connections across our network, and translating these initiatives into a platform that further supports our founders, partners, and communities. 

Sound like something you or someone you know would like to tackle? If so, check out our Head of Network Job Posting.

Ryan Broshar
Parallax raises Series A funding

We're excited to share that Parallax has raised a Series A funding round led by Grotech Ventures. Parallax is currently ahead of a plan to triple their 2020 sales revenue, which was just over $1M. These additional resources will help the company with hiring software engineers and data scientists to keep up with demand in the market by implementing key integrations faster.

Ryan Broshar
Wire and Hire - 1 Year Later

A year ago we made specific commitments to the Black community to drive change. Today we are reporting on what we’ve done over the past year. We made progress on our goals (see below) but more importantly expanded our world view, gained more empathy and built new relationships. We recognize this isn’t just a one year journey and we’re committed to continuing to do this work, being allies and helping fight racism, injustice and underrepresentation in our community.

Natty Zola
Airspace Link raises $10 Series A from Altos Ventures

We're excited to share the news about Airspace Link's Series A. We're even more excited to work with Altos Ventures. The new capital will help Airspace expand its domestic offering and expand overseas.

Ryan Broshar
Landline: a review of United’s brand-new bus service between Denver and Breckenridge from The Points Guy

Zach Griff of "The Points Guy" conducts an in-depth review of the flight and Landline bus service United offers travelers visiting Breckenridge, CO. His conclusion? "There’s no question about it. If you’re looking for the most seamless transit experience to Breckenridge (or Fort Collins), taking the one-stop United bus service is the way to go."

Ryan Broshar
Warmly: How to fundraise over Zoom more effectively

Max Greenwald, co-founder and CEO of Warmly, shares his experiences fundraising amid a global pandemic over Zoom and tips he learned along the way.

Natty Zola
How Melanie Fellay From Spekit Is Upending The Way You Work

Melanie Fellay, cofounder and CEO of Spekit, shares in a Crunchbase Q&A about the insight that led to her founding Spekit, her experiences in raising funding as a female entrepreneur, and the importance of corporate values and mission in driving Spekit’s continued success.

Natty Zola
Welcoming Nicki Miller as Operations Lead to Matchstick Ventures

We're thrilled to formally announce that Nicki Miller has joined the Matchstick team as an Operations Lead. Nicki has been working with us since March 2020 in various roles and has already added incredible value to the ongoing operations of our firm.

Nicki is an Army veteran who served as a logistics officer in the Army for six years. She'll bring those skills to the firm and keep the trains running on time internally while also working closely with portfolio companies and prospective portfolio companies to ensure we're as organized and responsive as possible.

Ryan Broshar
soona raises Series A from Union Square Ventures

We're excited to share that soona has raised a $10.2M Series A led by Rebecca Kaden at Union Square Ventures. Rebecca wrote an incredible summary of the soona opportunity. soona grew 400% last year as more and more brands look for fast, casual content. We're constantly amazing by Liz, Hayley and the whole soona team. These additional resources will help the company scale technology, marketing and staff to keep up with demand.

Full press release here.

Natty Zola
Our investment in Milk Moovement

We are excited to announce that Matchstick Ventures Fund II has completed an investment in Milk Moovement. Milk Moovement’s proprietary software tracks all milk shipments from producers to processing plants and delivers real-time quality and quantity information to producers, processors, transporters, and cooperatives.

To learn more about Milk Moovement, check out our write up via the link below.

Ryan Broshar
Welcoming Aaron Clark as Advisor to Matchstick Ventures

We're excited to announce that Aaron Clark has joined as an Advisor to our firm. Last summer, we committed to building an inclusive entrepreneurial community, with access for all—particularly for those in the Black community. One of the specific commitments we made was to add a Black advisor to our fund’s advisory board, who can work closely with us to fill the gaps in our own understanding of the unique problems and opportunities facing the non-white population. Learn more about Aaron and Matchstick on our blog.

Natty Zola
Spekit raises Series A funding

We're thrilled to share the news of Spekit's Series A, led by our friends Foundry Group and Renegade Partners. With this latest funding round, Spekit will continue to grow their product by developing smarter, more personalized learning experiences and scaling their go-to-market operations. To learn more about Spekit and the future of employee training, please visit spekit.co.

Natty Zola